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After the advent of the clock, the hourglass completed its historical mission!

After the advent of the clock, the hourglass completed its historical mission!

The hourglass is an ancient utensil, the western hourglass consists of two glass balls and a narrow connecting pipe. Time is measured by the time it takes for a glass ball filled with sand to flow from above through a narrow tube into the bottom glass ball. After the advent of the clock, the hourglass completed its historical mission!

Hourglass timer Nordic creative ornaments 5 minutes interior home decoration living room office desktop knickknacks


Meditate on the tenderness of the soul and have a quiet time. In the depths of my memory, there is always a period of time that cannot be erased. No matter how the time is exhausted, it exists silently as always. The stylish and simple design brings a touch of romance and elegance to your home environment, making time, slow down, slow down.

Xigu metal hourglass 30-minute timer creative decoration home decoration gift for girlfriend and boyfriend

Hours after hours I knew I would continue to wait. Laugh at me, in fact, this also stems from my pride and confidence, and the slow and firm quicksand in this hourglass is the mood I am waiting for you

Tut's metal hourglass 30-minute timer creative ornaments home decorations for girlfriend and boyfriend gifts

A very delicate metal hourglass timer, made of electro-galvanized alloy material, this series has three colors of bronze, gold and silver, each of which has three sizes, large, medium and small, respectively timing 60/30/15 minutes, physical timing, there will be There is a certain error, it is very suitable for gifts and decorations.

Globe hourglass timer desk decoration birthday gift creative personality modern study wine cabinet decoration

Nordic neoclassical hourglass ornament. The full shape design makes the bottle look like a delicious puff as a whole, giving people a feeling of completeness and richness. Time passes little by little, looking for our lost youth.

Hourglass timer children's time funnel 3/5/10/30 five-minute quicksand bottle anti-fall ornament creative wood

Time is invisible quicksand, and when you wake up, it is where time flows. The perfect combination of metal brackets and hourglasses, with a little industrialized toughness, is especially suitable for Nordic modern homes.
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