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What Is Nr?


A natural rubber, English name: Natural Rubber, abbreviated name: nr

Natural rubber is an unsaturated rubber that easily undergoes a vulcanization reaction (structural reaction) with a vulcanizing agent. Oxidation and cleavage reaction of bromine with oxygen and ozone, chlorination and reaction with halogen, chemical reaction under the action of catalyst and acid, and the like.

However, since natural rubber is a polymer compound, it has reaction characteristics of an olefinic organic compound, such as a slow reaction rate, incomplete reaction, unevenness, and various chemical reaction phenomena such as an oxidative cleavage reaction and a structuring reaction.

Natural rubber has excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties and has good elasticity at room temperature. This is because the natural rubber molecular chain is in an amorphous state at normal temperature, and the molecular chain is flexible. The density is 0.913 g / cm, the modulus of elasticity is 2-4 MPa, about 30,000 parts of steel, the elongation is 300 times that of steel, up to 1000%. In the range of 0-100 degrees, the rebound resilience can reach 50%-85% or higher.

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